Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Never Say Never

I have always known that you should never say never. But here I am listening to Rascal Flatts. So, if you have ever heard my tirade about "country" music today, you will know I have made fun of them, called them the Backstreet Boys of country, and pretty much dismissed them. I don't take back a lot of my arguments. They are the Backstreet Boys of country, it isn't the classic country that I do like, and it has so many pop elements. But they fill their place--and I like it! It is just I grew up listening to something else in the country vein. Old habits die hand. So, I will learn and just let things be what they are... And I will just continue listening, because I like Rascal Flatts. There, I admitted it. In a public forum!

Nothing replaces George though...