Friday, August 29, 2008

Could I Have Found My Merrill Library Replacement?

For those of you who may not know, I loved the Merrill Library. I know a lot of people enjoyed the more "hip" and happening Sci-Tech but I loved the slightly dim, old Merrill. I spent a good portion of my USU years at the Merrill. Yes, I even had a locker there at the pinnacle of my college days. Needless to day, when they demolished it I shed a tear and I thought I could never love another library quite like that. Now, I still don't think I can, but I think I have found a worthy replacement. The verdict isn't in entirely because school hasn't even started, but the library here at GW (the Gelman Library), is eerily similar to the Merrill. And when I say similar, I mean similar in the antiquated carpet, bathrooms, lighting and smell. They have renovated some areas, but I was startled when i realized the chairs, the desks, the carpet, the bathroom tile, the paint, and the shelving units all looked as if they came right from the Merrill. And who knew it could smell so similar?! Well, we'll see how much I study there when it is all said and done but I finally felt a bit of comfort on a campus that is so dissimilar to USU...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Let Me Find 6 Random Things About Me

My new roommate, Jenny, tagged me to write 6 random things about myself. I did this once, and have since ignored all other requests. But she asked, and she has been so nice to me since I moved here, so I will do it. It will be short, but here we go.

1. Yes, I am getting a graduate degree in museum studies. It is a real thing, although not something that will bring in the big bucks. However, I never have been one to be attracted to the money/status/flashy route. So, we'll give it a try.

2. I don't swim. I just don't. I could maybe save myself if I was drowning, but that's about it. Oh, and I don't play volleyball. I am willing to try a lot of things...these are just activities I really don't ever participate in.

3. I do not drive around the parking lot looking for the nearest parking spot. I take the first one I can spot that is fairly close and call it good.

4. I have been coined a liberal by some (I will not name names...), but am actually a middle of the road kind of person. Politics, debates, and really most everything.

5. At heart, I think I really am a western girl more than I ever realized. Space, stars, no humidity, mountains... But, I am making my way in the city okay. I can do, I have to believe that.

6. I don't like wearing shoes in the house. My dad wears shoes so he doesn't stub his toe. I just like being comfortable.

Should I Feel Like a Freshman?

Okay, I will rephrase...should I feel like a freshman when I am almost 30?!! Because I certainly felt like a freshman today. Today I wandered around the campus of George Washington University, and let me tell you, I was confused and lost. Because GW is an urban kind of campus, once again, without the mountains, I get very turned around as to which direction I'm going. So, basically we are taking a time machine back 11 years to those fun days as a freshman at USU. Except everyone expects freshman to be confused and lost! People expect a bit more from someone who has already gone to some college, is almost 30, and has been successfully working for some time. Ha. I have to laugh about it now... It's kind of like going to the temple. The first time you don't know what to expect, but everyone is so nice and they know you're new. It's the second time that is more scary because you just seem like someone who should know what's going on. I should know what's going on with school, but I 100% do not. Yikes. Good thing school doesn't start for a week.

Friday, August 22, 2008

American Revolution (According to TV)

To keep me occupied the past little while I have been finishing up a little TV show I started watching in Logan. I know, there's tons of history and things to see here in DC, but watching this show is helping me adjust, so don't judge too harshly. Anyway, a friend of mine asked for recommendations on tv shows on one of his blog posts and I have to recommend Jericho. So, the show got canceled after a season and a few episodes, and I can kind of see why. The show is really over the top, the acting isn't always the best, it is not believable (but really, what on tv is?), there isn't any humor, and I'm not sure where they were planning on going with the show. However, I still was entertained. At the heart of the show it is about revolution and saving America. And I have to say, not a lot makes me feel patriotic, but I kind of did watching this show strangely enough. It was interesting to see the reaction of this small town, Jericho, to the devastating nuclear attack of 23 US cities and the ensuing attempts to first stay alive, and then in the end, become revolutionaries against the occupying government. It puts an interesting modern look to what we usually think of as scrappy American colonists and British redcoats, or the Union blue and Confederate gray (however you want to look at it). So if you're bored (which, frankly no one will be...isn't school starting or something?), check it out. Apparently the show had some devoted fans to pull it out of being canceled outright after the first season. You have to love devoted fans [If you do watch, it gets better after the first bit].
Stanley and Mimi.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dreams From the Blue Room

This will be short, but great of course! Sadly, despite being in one of the coolest (not temperature wise, trust me...although Julie is apparently not lying...the weather has been better than normal) places in the country, I have not done anything really that outstanding since my friends left. I have been settling in, buying a dresser, going know, moving in stuff. I have not visited DC proper since that time--unless you count the time I got lost on Tue on my way back from the church when I practically circled DC in my car. Cornelius (my car) and I have had a time getting used to the driving. Good things/pictures will follow. Do not worry!

But here's the dream: As some of you know, I was a frequent visitor of the Old Grist Mill. Well, in my dream, I distinctly remember hearing word and seeing a napkin that confirmed one of my greatest wishes--Old Grist Mill was expanding in the East! I saw many names on the napkin that seemed very East coast like, with one being Alexandria. Now, although I live in Arlington and have a hard time driving (because I get lost), I was very excited in my dream because it meant my lunch problems were over! Ha. I then woke up and remembered I hadn't found Old Grist Mill's replacement in my new surroundings and I was disappointed.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ready Or Not...

I know…no one has to remind me that I haven’t blogged in a bit because I am very aware of that. Yes, Enna Burning was my last post. Unfortunately I haven’t been doing much reading in light of the fact that I have been moving across the country. If you would have told me at the beginning of the summer that I would be sitting here, in my little blue room in Arlington, VA and wishing to be back in Logan, UT, I would have told you no way. But, here I am…wishing I was in Logan. No one really told me it would be so hard to move!! Leaving family, friends, and loved ones is really, really difficult. Who knew I was so attached to my life there?! I didn’t—until now I guess. Fortunately the modern age makes it easier to communicate, but losing proximity to those I love has been very, very hard.

Things that may seem kind of quirky on a vacation have now become things that I may hate. For instance: humidity. Why did I think I would want to live in a humid place? I am beginning to question my sanity. The random weird bugs, the massive amounts of people…all things that while traveling are okay because you know you will be leaving. But when looking down the road of 2 years, they don’t seem so okay. On the bright side, I have a washer and dryer in my apartment and they collect my trash every day. Yes, I put it on my porch and it is gone in the morning. Brilliant. [Hey, I am looking for anything at this point…] Oh, it is also the nation’s capital, so there are some pretty great sights around. Come visit!!
I LOVE the Library of Congress and the Washington Monument (I am excluding museums right now). The Library of Congress has amazing architecture and brilliant colors and lighting. And it houses thousands of books. The Library of Congress itself (not just the Jefferson Building) has 30 million books. 30 million!! Wow. I love books, but that is too much to comprehend. And the Washington Monument is quite the landmark. There is something about it that just makes me want to photograph it all of the time.

Okay, so the three day trip across the country went well. The second day was a bit rocky, but we are just forgetting that day ever happened. We took I-80 from Logan, so we got to see the beautiful states of Wyoming and Nebraska the first day. The first night we stayed in Council Bluffs. No sightseeing—this was a trip to merely get from Point A to Point B. Plus, by the time we were there it was approximately 1 in the morning. And it was humid. I don’t think I have experienced humidity like that since China and it was pretty overwhelming. So Day 2 we started through Iowa with all of its picturesque rolling fields of corn. I only had one small emotional breakdown outside Des Moines—I believe, but then I was good to go. We passed through Illinois, which looked a lot like Iowa. Then it was through Indiana. By this time it was dark, so who knows what the state looks like (probably like Iowa and Illinois). There was a tornado warning in the counties we were driving through though, which kept me awake. I just kept thinking, I guess if this is the way I am supposed to go, I guess this is how it will be. We ended up staying in Toledo that night. Day 3 dawned much brighter than Day 2, and we made good time through Ohio and on to Pennsylvania. At this point, the scenery got much prettier as we were amongst a lot of trees. Pennsylvania was beautiful and I really would like to go explore more sometime. [Side note: Although it is very unnerving not to have mountains around, the trees are really nice. It is amazingly green and the trees can hide millions of people really quite well. The East is lucky to have them.] We made it into DC in good time, and the driving was over. Hallelujah!

We had arrived at my new place. It is quite a charming little neighborhood really. Townhomes built in the 40’s, red classic brick…very nice. But awfully confusing because everything looks the same!! Ahhh… It is very easy to get turned around as I have discovered firsthand. Just imagine my place multiplied by like 100 (more really…) and there you have Fairlington. But in all reality, it seems really nice and safe. Luckily for me, I get to dust off the parallel parking skills I never had and put them into use because that is how you park here. My roommate Jenny is very nice and helpful. She and my dear friend Julie both got me flowers and truly that was so comforting on a day that was so unnerving. My room is small (but cozy) with light blue paint, with one wall done to look like clouds. At some point I will have to repaint because I feel as if I am sleeping in a nursery, but right now I do not have the energy.

I then had visitors (YEAH!!) up until today, so I have been seeing the sights. Wow! There is so much to see. It was a little bizarre to think that I live here now, so if I miss something, I can always go back and see it later. Very strange. Washington DC has a lot to offer and I am sure it is a great place. Right now it is all so strange and unfamiliar, so I tend not to love it. Everyone I have met for the most part has been very helpful. Like I said before, I am sure I will meet great people, (I already know my friends like Liz and Julie are great! I am glad they are here!) but it is hard being away from everyone at home that I love. It was impossible really to say goodbye, but a new adventure has begun I suppose. [However, if I show up back in Logan, don’t be entirely surprised!!]
Farewell from now from the little blue room. Things should start settling into place and more posts will follow. Promise. Maybe written from the metro (Which I will catch most days from the Pentagon. Yep, the Pentagon. Makes you feel safe, until you remember Sept. 11th.)