Friday, August 22, 2008

American Revolution (According to TV)

To keep me occupied the past little while I have been finishing up a little TV show I started watching in Logan. I know, there's tons of history and things to see here in DC, but watching this show is helping me adjust, so don't judge too harshly. Anyway, a friend of mine asked for recommendations on tv shows on one of his blog posts and I have to recommend Jericho. So, the show got canceled after a season and a few episodes, and I can kind of see why. The show is really over the top, the acting isn't always the best, it is not believable (but really, what on tv is?), there isn't any humor, and I'm not sure where they were planning on going with the show. However, I still was entertained. At the heart of the show it is about revolution and saving America. And I have to say, not a lot makes me feel patriotic, but I kind of did watching this show strangely enough. It was interesting to see the reaction of this small town, Jericho, to the devastating nuclear attack of 23 US cities and the ensuing attempts to first stay alive, and then in the end, become revolutionaries against the occupying government. It puts an interesting modern look to what we usually think of as scrappy American colonists and British redcoats, or the Union blue and Confederate gray (however you want to look at it). So if you're bored (which, frankly no one will be...isn't school starting or something?), check it out. Apparently the show had some devoted fans to pull it out of being canceled outright after the first season. You have to love devoted fans [If you do watch, it gets better after the first bit].
Stanley and Mimi.

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Tender Mercies said...

hi, friend! so glad you are getting through this transition with the help of a little diet coke and jericho. i'm just so glad you're around. really. and i tagged you on my blog. ya gotta do it. :)