Monday, August 25, 2008

Should I Feel Like a Freshman?

Okay, I will rephrase...should I feel like a freshman when I am almost 30?!! Because I certainly felt like a freshman today. Today I wandered around the campus of George Washington University, and let me tell you, I was confused and lost. Because GW is an urban kind of campus, once again, without the mountains, I get very turned around as to which direction I'm going. So, basically we are taking a time machine back 11 years to those fun days as a freshman at USU. Except everyone expects freshman to be confused and lost! People expect a bit more from someone who has already gone to some college, is almost 30, and has been successfully working for some time. Ha. I have to laugh about it now... It's kind of like going to the temple. The first time you don't know what to expect, but everyone is so nice and they know you're new. It's the second time that is more scary because you just seem like someone who should know what's going on. I should know what's going on with school, but I 100% do not. Yikes. Good thing school doesn't start for a week.


Amber said...

Just because you're lost doesn't make you a freshman, just makes you new to the area. Nick's sister has a new, true, fresh out of high school, welcome to the world freshman roommate and don't worry, you are a whole universe ahead of that stage of life.

Tams Family said...

Hey Jenette, don't worry. Sometimes I feel that way walking through Walmart. How many times have I been to that store and I still have to walk up and down some of the aisles before I can find what I am looking for?

Kendra said...

I totally understand what you are going through. I waited 8 years before going back to school. It was crazy how lost I felt - especially because I had worked at USU for 2 years prior to going back.

The first week, I showed up at a class and the door was locked. I almost panicked. I went to the office and asked if it had been moved. The pulled up my schedule and told me that the class was Wednesday, not Thursday. I don't know HOW I got that mixed up.

The moral of the story (please don't despair!) it worked out and within a few weeks, I was back in the groove...even after 8 years.

You're going to be awesome!!!

I miss you!