Monday, August 25, 2008

Let Me Find 6 Random Things About Me

My new roommate, Jenny, tagged me to write 6 random things about myself. I did this once, and have since ignored all other requests. But she asked, and she has been so nice to me since I moved here, so I will do it. It will be short, but here we go.

1. Yes, I am getting a graduate degree in museum studies. It is a real thing, although not something that will bring in the big bucks. However, I never have been one to be attracted to the money/status/flashy route. So, we'll give it a try.

2. I don't swim. I just don't. I could maybe save myself if I was drowning, but that's about it. Oh, and I don't play volleyball. I am willing to try a lot of things...these are just activities I really don't ever participate in.

3. I do not drive around the parking lot looking for the nearest parking spot. I take the first one I can spot that is fairly close and call it good.

4. I have been coined a liberal by some (I will not name names...), but am actually a middle of the road kind of person. Politics, debates, and really most everything.

5. At heart, I think I really am a western girl more than I ever realized. Space, stars, no humidity, mountains... But, I am making my way in the city okay. I can do, I have to believe that.

6. I don't like wearing shoes in the house. My dad wears shoes so he doesn't stub his toe. I just like being comfortable.

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