Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dreams From the Blue Room

This will be short, but great of course! Sadly, despite being in one of the coolest (not temperature wise, trust me...although Julie is apparently not lying...the weather has been better than normal) places in the country, I have not done anything really that outstanding since my friends left. I have been settling in, buying a dresser, going know, moving in stuff. I have not visited DC proper since that time--unless you count the time I got lost on Tue on my way back from the church when I practically circled DC in my car. Cornelius (my car) and I have had a time getting used to the driving. Good things/pictures will follow. Do not worry!

But here's the dream: As some of you know, I was a frequent visitor of the Old Grist Mill. Well, in my dream, I distinctly remember hearing word and seeing a napkin that confirmed one of my greatest wishes--Old Grist Mill was expanding in the East! I saw many names on the napkin that seemed very East coast like, with one being Alexandria. Now, although I live in Arlington and have a hard time driving (because I get lost), I was very excited in my dream because it meant my lunch problems were over! Ha. I then woke up and remembered I hadn't found Old Grist Mill's replacement in my new surroundings and I was disappointed.

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Thaddeus said...

Old Grist Mill is a terrific eating establishment. Wholesome food at a terrific price and the gigantic lemon bars!

If you find anything out there that compares, I might be tempted to pay you a visit.