Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Perfect Evening

Someone asked me this evening what I would do on my own free time in the evening (this was to gather what it is that I like to do). Right now at this time in my life? I asked. Yes. Homework. And for breaks I would do my chores, like grocery shop, do laundry, etc. But obviously, as much as I love school, this is not how I would voluntarily spend my time. So, anything in the world, how would I love to spend my evening, this evening? Maybe we always want what we can't have, but here is what my perfect evening would be:

I would come home from work (developing exhibits and educational programming, of course!), with my commute being no longer than a half hour. After some dinner and relaxation (Maybe write! Or read for fun!! How earth shattering!) I would breathe in the crisp spring air, throw on my walking shoes and head for the River Trail in Logan Canyon. Nothing grand, nothing monumental. A simple walk along the Logan River. That would be the perfect evening. The sound of the water, the birds and the smell of the fresh air and trees. And then, after the sun had set, and I was relaxing with friends, I would step outside to look at the stars. It has been too long since I have really seen the stars.

(Yes I am aware these are pictures of the Wind Caves Hike. I, sadly enough, do not have any of the River Trail that I could find quickly!! I will remedy that this summer...But it IS Logan Canyon. Close enough.)

I guess I will find a Logan Canyon/River Trail here in my new life. But to experience nature, alone, with relatively minimal people is something I miss. (I miss it so much, I am doing my entire exhibit on open space. Ha.) To be sure, there are chances for outdoor things here. It is all just so used. I can't think of a better word...but there are so many people, things just look worn out, from the city to nature. I am guessing I just haven't searched hard enough (a Logan Canyon equivalent is most certainly NOT 15 min away here...). I will find it; until then, I have my hope of the perfect evening.

[Please don't misinterpret what I am saying... I really like it here. I love the trees and the green and the moisture and the monuments at night and the hustle and bustle of the city and the amazing people I have met. But, if I am honest, I just want a simple walk along the Logan River.]


Julie said...

i had no idea you were blogging again, welcome back

Heidi said...

Not that this will help but the next time I'm on the River Trail I will think of you! I'm glad to hear you love DC.

Ericka said...

The river trail is great isn't it! I personally didn't realize how great it was until I no longer lived there! Thanks for sending me reminiscing this evening.

Kellie said...

You ARE blogging again. I'm so glad. The River Trail really is a special place. I've never quite found it's perfect equivalent, but I should start my search.