Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bright Season

These are 5 small things that have made this season bright for me:

1. Josh Groban’s Christmas album, Noel— Josh’s voice penetrates to the deepest part of my soul, bringing peace and joy to Christmas music again. A classic Christmas album I will forever treasure. And in a strange twist, his only non-traditional Christmas song on the album, Thankful, is the song that has brought me the most peace this season.

2. Belgian Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa (Stephen’s Gourmet, of course)—This is the most divine liquid ever. It warms the soul on any chilly Cache Valley winter’s eve. Couple this delightful confection with Candy Cane Hersey Kisses and you have a truly divine experience.

3. Gilmore Girls—I forget how much I especially loved the first few seasons of this show. The anticipation of Luke and Lorelai's interactions, Jess and Dean vying for Rory, Paris and crazy Chilton kids…the perfect remedy when you want to escape this insane world. Oh, and observing the transformation of Milo Ventimiglia from the characters of Jess Mariano to the current Peter Petrelli is amazing!

4. My Christmas Tree—I veered away from the Charlie Brown Christmas tree look this year and got a beautiful, bushy, perfect tree. I love it. It truly just warms my heart to have it around.

5. The Dark is Rising Series—This series of books was introduced to me when I was in Elementary school** (but it was written in the 70’s I believe). Classic Dark vs. Light, a search for the Holy Grail, a young hero to rise against the Dark…what more could you ask for? Re-reading it is bringing me a lot of entertainment this season.

**One of my 5 favorite books (series) when I was in Elementary School. The other 4 include Black Beauty, The Black Stallion (series), Gone With The Wind (no, I am not kidding), and The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle.


Lisa said...

Yeah! I'm so glad you are back! I kept checking your blog and it was gone- I felt so disconnected!
Thanks for you Bright Seasons list- I especially love your #1. That CD and song are top on my list as well! Hope your holiday is Bright this year!
I can't wait to see you at Christmas!

Amber said...

I title this comment "Ode to Jenette" because you were the one who introduced me to Josh Groban in the first place, and I pretty much haven't listened to any other Christmas music this year. I am also excited to see that you have returned to the world of blogging:)