Thursday, December 13, 2007

An * For Them All

Was anyone really surprised at the widespread use of steroids in baseball as outlined in a new report out today? I would bet good money no one was. Every athlete/coach/organization in sports is going to have an asterisk by their names by the end of it all. The record books will be littered with the little things. Baseball and steroid use is the focus of this particular report, but let’s just consider the other criminal activity of athletes across the board. Well, it doesn’t affect my life directly, but chalk it up as one more thing that is gone horribly askew in the world of what’s important. I think they should create new teams and leagues for each sport. We can have the all-steroid-league [baseball], all criminal league [the football team could feature OJ as the coach and Michael Vick at quarterback], all-cheating-team [Patriots—okay, so I just don’t like them]…you get the idea. It’s amazing we haven’t just all stopped supporting this madness. I still watch football and have a favorite team; but if no one paid them and no one watched them or rooted for them, well, this whole thing would be a moot point. Here's the thing, though, I’m not going to stop rooting for the Steelers, or the Aggies**, or….you get the point; so I guess I will put up with the asterisks.

**I am by no means implying that the Aggies have a widespread problem with drugs, steroids, or criminal activity. We will always have competitive sports, so we will always have this problem it seems.

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Jinx said...

I like your idea of dividing the teams up by category like that (criminals, junkies, cheaters, etc.). In fact, I think that the NFL should adopt a more WWF-like attitude to the sport. There could be Good Guy and Bad Guy teams. Especially controversial players could cheat a little bit to distract the refs, then while the refs were chewing them out with their back turned to the game, the teams could cheat REALLY blatantly. Teams could form alliances, then in the middle of a game if one team was losing really badly, maybe one of their ally teams would unexpectedly come running onto the field and help them out. If that's how the NFL was, I'd TOTALLY watch!!