Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Was Accepted to Clemson

Mind you, it was only in a dream, but it was fun, nonetheless. Clemson's method of letting you know you were accepted to the program--giving you a pin in class. When I would be in class in real life is still a mystery to me. However, in my dream, the box with the pin was found on the ground and the people from Clemson were really offended that their pin and acceptance would be treated with such disrespect. I guess I didn't want the pin. Or to go to Clemson*. (You really can't create the absurdity that happens in dreams.)

*Clemson is in South Carolina. It is not a school I have ever applied to.


Kellie said...

I love dreams -- when they are weird and unpredictable. I hate them occassionally too, but mostly they are just odd. A therapist friend of mine told me that sharing your dreams with others is one of the most intimate things you can do -- a way to really open up to other people. I never had a hard time sharing the weird quirkiness that floats through my mind when I'm sleeping. It's much easier than sharing my "true and honest feelings."

Anonymous said...

You are crazy! At least you now know that you don't want to go there!