Friday, March 14, 2008

So, I Wouldn't Suggest Driving from Kansas to Utah

After just completing a 19 hour return trip from Lawrence to Logan, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I was warned...I didn't listen...and now I think I might be scarred for life. This will teach me. When will I learn to trust my car to non-family members? That may have made the trip better because I wouldn't have been the only one driving. Ultimately, though, on top of the pure hell of driving that long, what tipped the scales to traumatic was the fact that I had to drive through two snowstorms/showers today. Yes, two. One in the Colorado Rockies and one in Utah (on that lovely highway from Helper to Spanish Fork no less). I usually don't mind driving in the snow all that much, and even the driving to Kansas might not be that bad. But the two combined created a catastrophe. I am not sad I went to Kansas. But I am sad that Cornelius (my car) and I may have been traumatized for life.


Anonymous said...

I warned you, but you didn't listen.

Jenette said...

I know! You and Kendra both. Welcome to the stubborn side of Jenette. I will ALWAYS listen from now on. Believe me. Lesson learned for sure!!

Thaddeus said...

I'm happy that you named your car Cornelius. Mine is Steinbeck, after the American author.