Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Promised Pictures


The farmland and me, always on the lookout for historical sites. Who would have ever guessed the Civil War pretty much started in Kansas, just outside of Lawrence?

Downtown Lawrence. More fun than it might appear. I really liked the place. And good job on the basketball team.

You too can find this sink at a restroom at a gas station in Rawlins, WY.

The houses. Those on the left are the standard. The one on the right, well, I heard he painted his house that way to make the mayor mad. It probably worked. All he needs to do is boycott Christmas and he may get thrown out.

Notice the wreath and Christmas lights. The lights are on, by the way. It is just a small picture. And this was not an isolated sight. Christmas wreaths everywhere. I was there March 6-9, go figure.

James Fenimore Cooper is buried here. The town is named after one of his relatives.

It was March, probably one of the least attractive months for places that are transitioning to spring. No exception here. But it had it charm.
And the Baseball Hall of Fame. Roberto Clemente, if you can't read the dark, tiny engraving on the plaque.

Lost in Albany (left). The blue house is where I stayed (right).

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Kellie said...

Where exactly in Wyoming might I find that sink?? It's fun to see all of the pics. Cooperstown looks like a quaint place to live and study...