Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Customer Is Not Always Right

That is a true statement. I know, I've worked in retail. However, in my particular situation, I am right and America First Credit Union refuses to acknowledge it. I will spare you of the details...they seem to think I'm crazy anyway when I explain. In a nutshell, however, they deposited my money in someone else's account. They put it right, but not after I unknowingly spent money as if I had the money I thought I had deposited. Needless to say, my line of credit was maxed. So I paid it off (before I realized their mistake) from my savings. That money is now gone forever. But had they not made the mistake of giving someone else my money, I would never have lost that money to my line of credit. And now it's gone. (okay, so I didn't spare you the details)

All I want them to say is this: "I see why you are so upset. You are right." They could even say there is nothing they can do and I would even be okay. (I really do just want my money back that I paid to my line of credit...I know, I may be going out on a limb) But the two tellers (at two different branches, mind you) treated me as if I am an idiot. I don't like that. So, I'm waiting for my last checks to clear and then I'm changing banks. It just feels like I should. They are the ones that are crazy and I hate the feeling when people are treating me like I'm stupid.

So, that's my story for the day. I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be mad about this, but I am really upset.

Oh, and then I came home and got the letter from University of Washington informing me I didn't get into their program (another wait list). So, naturally, I now want to go there more than anything else and am really upset. Pretty much describes how I handle things that either come my way or don't. When will I learn to be happy with what I have or where I am?


Amber said...

Did you ask to talk to the branch manager at either place? Did they give you a deposit slip when you put the money in? If so, take it with you. This brings back heinous memories of a serious nightmare with Wells Fargo within a month of me and Nick getting married. I think I scared him the first time I was on the phone with them because the phrase "unleash the beast" is all I can think of and I don't think he knew I had it in me. If I were you, I would raise hell until they fixed it. And if you do it when other people are in there, they are much more likely to help you because it's bad PR for you to let other people know they are bad at what they do. And when you do go in to close your account, if they ask why, let them have it.

Thaddeus said...

If you do switch banks, you should come on over to Mountain America. There were several times I overdrew my checking account and I just asked them to refund the overdraft charge AND THEY DID! No whining necessary. They didn't even ask for a good reason -- I didn't have one...I just wanted my money back.

Tams Family said...

Sorry to hear about the ordeal. Sometimes people just don't get it. We were receiving a statement in the mail from Comcast saying they owed us a couple of dollars. It went on for about 6-8 months. I called several times to get them to stop and no such luck. Finally I called again and told them to quit sending me the statement because we didn't owe anything and they were using more money than it was worth by sending it to me. Give me my money or stop. The guy explained that they don't send out refunds for anything less than $5. Why keep my account open then? Doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

You should come over to Deseret First Credit Union. I did the same thing as Thad and they gave me my money back too!

Kellie said...

I would be upset... and I love it when you explain what happened and the person gives you that blank stare as if you haven't just re-explained the whole matter.

I think I would talk to a branch manager or write a letter to someone explaining everyone and expressing that you are ready to switch banks over this. Either they will respond, or they lose your business, but I would give it one more try expressing it all to someone with a bit more power. Good luck. :)