Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Eve

Well, this fine election eve finds me watching the Steelers-Redskins. I am not being as diligent in regards to my homework tonight as I should--oh well. Right now the Steelers are winning, which I hope lasts. But more than anything, I am excited to have the election over, the campaign ads over, and the political yammer over. Believe me, politics is the thing to talk about around these parts. I love/hate it. But what I really do love is that for the first time in my life, my vote will actually count. First, I am no longer in Utah, so the outcome isn't set in stone (although, apparently, Virginia has mostly been a Republican state in the past). Second, Virginia is considered one of those "battleground states". So in theory, it could be my one, single vote that the entire state is hinged on. Okay, so it's not that dramatic! But you get the idea. So, join with me in the party, Vote, and watch the election returns until the wee hours of the night tomorrow. And hopefully, we will be set on a new course that will truly help our country. Because more than anything, we need a leader that can restore people's confidence in our country and restore our standing in the world. We can only hope.


Katie M. said...

From the yellling of Troy watching the game last night and swearing, it looks like your Steelers won. :)

Jenette said...

Yeah, they won...and when I wore my Steelers shirt today i got some grief from random people (ie. security guards) here in DC. I love it! People are funny here. I like them.