Monday, June 15, 2009


It may seem like I'm obsessed with Google, and I might be just a little bit, but Google failed me. Usually, I'm quite confident I can Google anything and within a few minutes I can find my answer. It is how I can have credibility when I give my dad a hard time for still relying on his trusty encyclopedia set. Or when I tell my mom, "Oh, yeah we can find out how to tie a quilt without knots on the internet." However, I was too over zealous. Because my quick usual searching methods left me without what I was looking for. And so now, I don't know where to go for answers! Oh, to be a product of the technological age! It's a good thing I learned some survival type skills (i.e. starting camp fires, milking cows, etc.) at the Heritage Center, just in case the world's technologies really fail.

(Oh, I started my internship at the Church History Museum. I want to share fun stories, but I'm scared. I signed some confidentiality paper and so I am lost. What will I talk about? My best stories always seemed to come from work! Actually, I think I'm fine. I am an intern, let's be honest. I will not be in on any secret meetings. Though, on the second day I was standing guard for an original Book of Mormon, handwritten Book of Commandments, and other such interesting Church stuff. Ha.)


Amber said...

Here's what I want to know: if you're standing guard to an original Book of Mormon and someone really scary who will hurt you wants to take it, what are you supposed to do? If that were me, assuming they haven't given you any type of self defense devices, I can pretty much guarantee they'd get away with it. And ps, I really do want to know!

Jenette said...

Amber, you are great! Yes, my self defense isn't so great. The building was locked, so there was no real harm. I think it was mostly just funny because when someone asked the girl I went there with, "Surely you didn't leave all that stuff alone?" She answered, "No, I left it with our intern. This is her second day." They were probably more worried about me, since they don't know me yet!

Tams Family said...

Sounds like fun! I look forward to your adventures.