Sunday, June 28, 2009


NPR tells me that the next “it” thing for movies will be making movies based on board games. I know… Who wants to see Monopoly on the bigscreen? However, as NPR reminded me, I will remind you: Remember Clue?

You think the internet is always going to be there for your news perusal, that you will be able to access it when you want and get what you want. But one person was able to cause internet sites to nearly overload and caused outages on some popular news sites. That person is, of course, Michael Jackson.

And for things I did not know…Did you know Parley P. Pratt was murdered in Arkansas in a story full of drama? I am still a little fuzzy on how I missed this fact all my life. My dad didn’t quite know all the dramatic details either, so I feel okay.

Did you know Sir Isaac Newton at one time was also warden of the Royal Mint, and thus in charge of catching counterfeiters? Admittedly, I barely understand the science and physics behind why he is famous, but I do like to know randomness about people's lives!


Amber said...

I remember Monopoly taking the whole afternoon to play. I hate that game. I wonder what the movie would be about, a bunch of rich guys who make up 5% of the population but control 95% of the wealth? Or who force the little man to go under? Or who own a million buildings and hotels and brag about it on a reality show? OH...WAIT!!!

Thaddeus said...

Sounds like you've been listening to a lot of NPR.

I LOVE Clue. I think it's my favorite movie. Very quotable.

Also, not exactly a board game, but I liked this video: Minesweeper - The Movie.