Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Do All Counties Have This?

In my research I have discovered that Montgomery County, Maryland, has its own official Coat of Arms, Flag, and Official Bird and Blossom. I do not recall Cache County having the likes.I did a--very--quick search and found that the Sheriff has a flag in Cache County. No coat of arms that I can tell. No flag. No bird. No blossom. I guess the county could have a contest? Maybe an Aggie would be represented?

Montgomery County, MD
(No...I don't live here. I live in Alexandria, VA. They also, as far as I can tell, do not have an official flag, coat of arms, bird, or blossom. They have a seal, but I am sure Logan does as well. So, Logan shouldn't feel bad. Alexandria is pretty great and very old, as far as US cities go.)

Official Bird and Blossom: robin and dogwood

Official Flag:

Official Coat of Arms:

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