Friday, November 27, 2009

If you think you are having a bad day...

consider the Secret Service agents who let two attention grabbing, would be reality tv personalities "crash" President Obama's first state dinner. Although it is all kinds of ridiculous on the level of people trying to get attention--again (seriously, doesn't anyone just want to have a nice quiet life anymore?)--it is a little alarming. What if they weren't just attention seekers? I feel very safe in DC, but sometimes I also forget I do live in the nation's capital. With the president. So, obviously, it could get a little interesting. I still trust the security of the nation, however. But I do feel bad for those who had a little slip up in their job the other night. Reminds me of why I'm not doing anything connected to the safety and security of others. I would not handle that well. But I am grateful for all that do.

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