Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Day(s)

I know I am a very sporadic blogger. But out of what I am going to call official "cabin fever", I am going to start writing on this little blog again. And what better event to start it off with than Snowmageddon, it what you will, it has been great/awful.

I love the snow. I love how quiet the world becomes. I love the chill on your face. I love being in the snow with a bright blue sky. I love being inside with a blanket, hot cocoa, and a good book/friends/ family/movie when you can hear the wind howling outside. After the excitement of the snowfall, however, I appreciate being able to do something with that beautiful snow. I prefer skiing, snowshoeing…things like that. Generally they require open space and mountains. Unfortunately, I don’t live in the mountains anymore.

So, DC got a lot of snow over the weekend. Hopefully everyone heard, because, well it feels like the world has come to a standstill. Oh, wait. I think maybe just we came to standstill. The rest of the nation is functioning just fine. But here, it seems like everyone is snowed in. Loads of snow everywhere. Schools canceled. Work canceled. Museums closed. Sections of Metro closed. Streets unplowed. Basically, all I hear is snow, blah, blah…weather, blah, blah… It hasn’t been that bad. Kind of nice, but definitely surreal. I dug my car out, but don’t really have anywhere to go. And even if I did, I would be scared because someone might take my spot. And then what would I do? So, I stay in. And shovel snow. And walk to Old Town with my roomies. And read. And shovel snow. And read.

On the street where Cornelius (my little car, there on the right) and I live.

So before I realized my school would be closed on Monday I dutifully read and read and read through the weekend. You cannot imagine how thrilling it is to read about American photography theory unless you really dig in to it, you know? That is what I would do. And take breaks to watch Alias. Or talk to my roommates. Or shovel snow. Or eat.

But, I can absolutely tell you what is bad to have happen on a snowed in weekend (quickly turning into week, apparently) is one of the below. I do recognize all of the below would be bad to have happen or hear. Only one happened to me this weekend, however.

A) Power outage

B) Power on; spotty internet connection

C) Unable to locate cell phone charger

D) Hear about ex-boyfriend getting engaged to someone seemingly perfect

E) Tree branch falls onto car

Don’t be fooled by E. That was LAST year. I am much wiser this year, don’t you worry! And yes, A would be bad. Luckily, we had power the entire time. B would almost be as bad as A. What did people do before the internet? I should remember; I am old enough to vividly remember. Luckily, we have good internet. Okay… it was D. Yep…that was fun. I am 1000% happy for him. I know we were not a compatible pair. But wow…news like that is always a bit hard to swallow (given he dumped me), but generally you have stuff to do to keep you occupied for a few days until logic sets in again. But what do you do when you can’t take a nice drive, or walk, or go to work/school/internship, go to church, go out and you are just stuck reading things like American photography theory or stuff about museum evaluation? Of course I am being a bit dramatic; I am doing just fine. But, needless to say, the timing of the news maybe wasn’t my favorite. But, bring on more snow, I guess.

Other than that…all is well in the snowed in(out) capital of our nation.


Kellie said...

Heard about the snow... didn't realize you were still snowed in. That photography reading sounds titillating. Time for some Shannon Hale. I checked out and read Forest Born after we chatted. Last time I read Hale's books, it wasn't yet in the library. Sorry about the boy news; that is always interesting news you don't know quite how to process. Yuck.

Anyway, no snow here. We hear it might get cold enough for a bit Wednesday or Thursday night, but not the quiet beautiful kind. The just enough to make the roads a bit slippery (if that) kind. I'm ready for spring. And winter. Spring here (soon please) and lots of winter when we go home in a couple of weeks.

By the way, I like your sporadic blogging.

Heidi said...

Remember the New Year's Eve we went snow shoeing? I still think back to that night everytime I go. Good times. Maybe you should just bust out those snoshoes and walk around town, I bet you would get some people chuckling and wishing they were as cool as you!

Tams Family said...

Glad to hear from you again! It's good to know you are surviving in all of that snow. I agree with Kellie - wahoo for photography reading! And Forest Born is a great distraction. Hope the weather clears up soon! said...

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