Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Miss Me?

No, not me... Remember him?

I think this is hilarious... and would love to see it full size on the billboard it resides along I-35 near Wyoming, Minn. (Yeah... I had to read the town's name twice. I was confused). I am not making any political statement by putting this up. I just thought it was funny.

Though I do think it is interesting how we (and by we, I do include myself...I am the worst culprit) rewrite the past and suddenly think it looks pretty good when our future may not be that bright. When, in reality, the past wasn't all that pretty either. Reminds me of the lady who called me at the Heritage Center and questioned the programs we taught for our school groups. Apparently we did not portray the pioneers quite like they did on Little House on the Prairie. She wanted THAT version of history. Ahhh... the good 'ole days!

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tam said...

Everyone wants to re-live Little House on the Prairie... If only it were that way when the pioneers roamed the Planes....