Monday, February 15, 2010

My plan: Hawai'i

As graduation is creeping up on me, the following question seems to turn up quite frequently: "What are you going to do when you are done?" Well, the thing that instantly comes to mind is to say, flippantly, "Get a job". But, that is probably just being sarcastic for no reason. My standard answer is: "I would love to be closer to my family, but if that isn't a possibility I would like to stay in Virginia. Or Hawai'i." Which doesn't make sense, I know. Hawai'i is much further from my family than DC. It has been kind of my own little joke, but no longer... the news confirmed that it is the place I need to be. Over the weekend, with snow dusting even the South, the only state in the US without snow in it was Hawai'i. I thought that was pretty amazing. 49 states at one time with snow! So, it is settled...I'm moving to Hawai'i. I've never visited, but I am sure I would adjust just fine!! I don't even care at this point if I'm at a museum. Who knew that living in DC would be the most memorable snow/winter of my life?

So, here's the source for my news:

Since I haven't been to Hawai'i, I don't have any pictures (and don't feel like stealing one off the internet right now). But you all know what it looks like. If you don't, watch LOST. It's filmed in Hawai'i.

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Heidi said...

I would come visit it you if you lived in Hawaii. Come to think of it I would come visit you in DC too haha.