Friday, February 15, 2008

The Greater Good?

[This is a small post about LOST. Mom, don't read it.]

So I like LOST, it's true. Lately, some people are giving me a bit of hard time because of it. So I watched it on Valentine's Day, I think about it sometimes in my spare time (usually on Friday's) what? Despite this, I am going to make a quick post about last night's episode. Mostly I feel like I have to justify my affinity toward Sayid. So, if he turns out to be the bad guy, I guess I was wrong...but I hope not. But I can say this, after last night's episode I am not so sure I like the future of the Lost characters. But I am sticking with this: I still like Sayid. I am quite sure there is a purpose and a reason behind what he's doing. And I have never been more convinced than now that Ben is the one in the coffin at the funeral Jack attends.


Julie said...

good theory about Ben. I have loved Lost through it all, though i almost quit during the first half of last season. But Wednesday's Ep was awesome!

Kendra said...

Hmmm...good theories, but I can't imagine that Jack would be surprised that Kate did not attend Ben's funeral. You may hate me, but I think it was Sayid that died.

One thing about it LOST just keeps us guessing. That's why I LOVE it!!! (I'm glad you come and watch with us. :)

Holdem Poker said...

Takes a bad turn.