Thursday, February 21, 2008

Why I Love Winter

When the inversion hits, I have to remember why I love winter. And that reason....skiing. There aren't words to describe how and why I love it, but here are some pictures I managed to get in between all of the fabulous fun I've been having this winter. Before I learned to ski, I hated winter. But now, there isn't much I'd rather be doing.


Lisa said...

I may be hiking, but you're skiing! I can't decide which is better- right now I think I would rather be skiing! Oh I'm so jealous! Love the pics! Makes me miss good old Logan!

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful pictures!

Kellie said...

I guess that as long as I am pregnant and can't ski, I don't have any reason to be missing winter. The last time I went was about four years ago on my birthday. What a good memory. There isn't anything quite like skiing in the mountains on a sunny winter day. Something about the air, the cold, stiff legs, peeling your coat off as it warms up... it just feels so good when you are trapped inside most of the time.