Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Perspectives

In addition to the dream angle of blogging, I think I will talk about the things I love that I do each day. Today I went hiking up to the Wind Caves. I really like this hike and have done it many, many times. Today was a little different, however. It started off like any other time I have hiked it, but I ended up in an entirely new place. As I was hiking I noticed a new little trail veering off from the regular trail to the caves.

It read "To Green Canyon" and I thought, "Why not?" So off I went. It was much less traveled, but there was still a distinctive trail. I wondered how I had missed it before. Perhaps it came right at the wrong angle of the switch backs. Maybe I am usually talking to someone else and have continually missed it. Also, I think it is fairly new. Today I was going slow because, well, let's just be honest, I am out of shape and it was hot! But I was grateful for the new perspective on Logan Canyon it offered me.

Although the view wasn't probably all that different to someone who hasn't hiked the Wind Cave trail a million times, it was very obvious to me. And I thought the canyon had a new attraction today. Just like in life, you can start off on a trail with the end in mind, something that you have thought about. And along that same trail, you may take a trail that will offer fresh and exciting new perspectives. Sometimes it is as unexpected as finding that trail on the same old trail you've been hiking your whole time while in Logan. And hopefully that new trail will offer only the best...Next time I am bringing more water and hiking to Green Canyon!


Kendra said...

Wow! What gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing!!

I've heard about the Green Canyon trail but I never took an opportunity to hike it. Did you make it all the way to Green Canyon?

We should get a group together later in the summer and hike Mt. Timp. What do you think?

Amber said...

If you hike Timp let me know. I won't come, but I would love to see you :) I think I only hiked the wind caves 2 or 3 times but I agree with you, it's a great hike.

Ericka said...

I just love your posts. The scenery is gorgeous and I must admit it makes me feel a bit guilty for not taking more advantage of the attractions locally.

Kellie said...

Oh I miss that trail. Maybe Trevor & I can go while we are home because I just MISS the mountains; especially Logan Canyon.