Thursday, June 26, 2008

Viva la Vida

So, it is one of my favorite things of late. I know, I know. Coldplay is overrated. Coldplay is the most insufferable band ever. I've heard it all, so don't bore me with it. I've always liked them, and their new album is no exception. Most specifically of late, I love the song Viva la Vida. It is a song about how things can turn on you in a dime. How fitting for life, right? And perhaps a little autobiographical for the band, eh? (Only in reference to their standing amongst critics mind you...they are by no means headed for the poorhouse anytime soon) I really, really like the rest of the album (There are those moments, of course, there always are...but I'm just saying overall). It sounds like Coldplay, but sometimes it is surprising how it is pretty different. It doesn't seem quite so emotionally desperate as they sometimes come off. It is generally to the point. And there is variation. It isn't only Chris Martin and Chris Martin alone. The number one track barely features him after all! It's true. So, give it a listen. I love it.

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Kellie said...

Trevor is such a Coldplay fan (me too, but not quite as extreme)... we'll surely be getting this one.