Wednesday, June 4, 2008

No One Watching, Huh?

It's been awhile since I've commented on sports, so let's take a shot at one famous golfer. Seriously. So, nobody watches hockey anymore, eh? The golfer is calling hockey boring...that's hilarious. I have never played either sport, so let's just call my opinions neutral. I do know people LOVE their golf and the Canadians LOVE their hockey. But I can honestly say that I've never watched a golf tournament--I'd rather die. I don't get it and it looks like a bunch of preppy, khaki wearing business execs ready to ink the contract on some big merger. But I've sat through some hockey games (albeit not professional grade ones) and I agree, it can be a little anticlimactic with the low scores and all. But it moves quick, there's plenty of excitement, and there are fights at any random given moment. Oh, and the fans are the most outrageous for sure. And to say that on the heels of the Stanley Cup this year. Yeah, not exciting at all. [Too bad the Pens had to lose. Because I like the Steelers, I am by default, a Penguins fan. This theory probably even extends to the Pirates...but I hear they don't win much.]


Jinx said...

What is all of this in reference to? Who is this "famous golfer" you're taking a shot at? Context, Jenette, I need context! ;p

Anonymous said...

Golf in my opinion is quite enjoyable to watch, but I also LOVE to watch hockey. It's like comparing apples and oranges.

Kellie said...

My brothers always watched golf on Sunday afternoons... and, yes, I pretty much wanted to die. Playing golf is one thing. Watching golf? Well, there are some interesting moments, if you happen to know a little about the game. I do find it slightly interesting. But hockey. I know very little about hockey, but somehow I've never left a hockey game disappointed. Even when my team lost, there were usually enough people slammed against the glass or full out punches to provide entertainment. And if the athletes fail, well then, there are always the fans to watch. How can you go wrong?