Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Guess I Live In DC

One thing that I really do not like about DC is that it is so big. More specifically, I never run into anyone I know. This makes me feel quite lonely. But in all seriousness, this morning I got on the metro and I saw a guy from my ward! I was kind of excited and proceeded to tell him he was the first person (outside of classmates I ride home from class with) I had seen on the metro that I knew. I am pretty sure he thought I was strange and that will not help me find new friends, but I was very happy. Anyway, I liked running into random people I knew while in Logan. But there are a few more people here so I don't imagine it is going to happen that much.

And this made me really laugh... I have a new roommate moving in and she had a moving truck move all of her stuff from Arizona here to DC. The guys moving her stuff in commented on how humid it was. Ha. I said these same things when I first moved here. And today I got to say exactly what everyone told me when I moved here, "It's actually not that humid. It feels really good today." And apparently I have not experienced the worst of the humidity since August and September have been really nice. That is why I will leave next summer when I have to do an internship!

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