Thursday, September 25, 2008

Politics at the Bus Stop

When I was going to school one day and arrived at the bus stop (right outside my door!) to find this political statement. I laughed about it all day!

(Sorry about the picture size. I took it on my camera and it is a little small/fuzzy)


Kellie said...

Yeah, she hasn't really been shining lately -- poor girl. I'm hoping she survives the debate this week.

On another note, I've been absent from blogging as of late and was quite tickled to find you've been blogging again. I like it. I like hearing your voice. If I can't talk to you every day, or go walking with you in the dead of winter in the graveyard -- then I might as well read your blog.

Katie M. said...

so, how come I'm not on your list of friend bloggers? My feelers are hurt! :)