Thursday, September 4, 2008

What's a Woman to Do?

Well, it was inevitable. I am in DC, so it is only fitting that I start blogging about politics. I mean, everyone has an opinion around this town about everything political, so I guess I can too. And the air is buzzing about Sarah Palin. I don't really want to weigh in quite yet on the whole election ordeal, but the media coverage has been out of control and I do have something to say about what they are saying. We have come so far in this country as far as women go--better pay, education, etc., etc. But then we have Palin. Mother of 5 (Who has 5 kids in this day and age? note: read with sarcastic tone) and running for VP. I have to say that I have been highly disappointed in what people say. They say that it is irresponsible for her to have 5 kids and be running for VP. But really, what are women supposed to do? Many women want high powered positions in politics, etc. (not me...whew!) but they want to be mothers too. And the world is constantly telling women that they can have it all. So, I think the media has been very unfair in their coverage (Of course, who ever thought the media was fair? Ha). Men run for office and are fathers. Men are attorneys and are fathers. Etc. Does that make them bad fathers? Sometimes it does. But sometimes they are great fathers. In a world that is ever exploring and pushing the boundaries of the roles of men and women, fathers and mothers, I would have expected much more. Then the media tries to defend themselves and their coverage and attacks of Palin. But there is no question about it, if she were running on the Democratic ticket she would not get the attacks she is now. If she were from the East, she would not get getting the attacks. If she had come from a more "elitist" ideas, she would not be getting the attacks she is. The more they attack, the more I like Palin, because in Palin there is something that I can relate to. I mean she went to the University of Idaho! How much closer to home can you get in a national election? Not much. There are issues that I still would like have explained, but ultimately I say, enough is enough. Coverage is biased. It always will be, and always has been. But whatever comes, it sure has made things even more interesting!

Note: This blogging thing will only be one more thing to keep me from my homework. I am remembering all too vividly how I put homework off then (and probably will now!).

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