Saturday, January 5, 2008

And So It Ends

It’s finished. The Steelers season that is. And it went down in glory of 3 INT by Ben. They made a valiant effort there in the 2nd half, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the hole they were in. So it ends. Then begins the eternal mantra of sports fans—“There’s always next year.” I like that part about sports. Looking ahead; because you can’t change what just happened. You can’t take back anything that happened. You might want to, but you can’t. That is how life is. You can say “I should have done that or I shouldn’t have done that. If only that wouldn’t have happened.” Well, those things did happen and you stand at the point where you are—win or lose. And there is always another “year.” Sports are silly, I get that, but it is amazing to watch someone throw 3 interceptions, and then get back on the field and continue throwing the ball to come back from 18 points down. That takes a mental state I am sure I’ve never experienced for myself. To make huge errors in front of thousands of people and overcome those defeats is something that I can actually learn something from. So, despite the trivial nature of sports, there are some things I really do take away from these games. Oh, and it’s entertaining. And—spoken like a true fan—next year the Steelers will win it all.


Julie & Jason said...

I am sorry for your loss! No worries thought We are in the same boat with the Broncos and redskins(which we support solely based on their touchdown score = free pizza toppings at papa johns, and fellow aggie Chris Cooley.

Kellie said...

Go Steelers! It is great to always have next year... in life though, it seems there are quite a few times when there isn't another next year. Sometimes, I just really need a backspace or edit undo button when I do something stupid. Anyway, I'm happy to see you are blogging again! :)