Wednesday, January 23, 2008

On My Honor, to Do My Duty

The above line is the tag line for my personality, as I have now been fortunate to put letters to my character. My boss is taking a class all about this kind of thing for his MBA program and thought it would be helpful for us all to take the test so we can understand our fellow co-workers—which I think will be a somewhat successful idea. Mostly I just like trying to find out what makes me tick. Okay, so what’s my personality? Drum roll…ISFJ. That means, I am introverted, sensing, feeling, and judging. So after perusing the internet about ISFJ’s, this is what I came up with.

Personal note: I don’t want to be an ISFJ**, just like I never want to be a white, but I always am (referring to the color method of discovering your personality). I always want to be more assertive and someone who would be voted "most likely to succeed." But I never am. So, what is an ISFJ anyway? In a nutshell, they are reliable, loyal, detail oriented, care about others, sense of service, sense of duty, put others needs above own, hard working, good listener, likes order and harmony, and is a behind the scenes kind of person. The ISFJ doesn’t take center stage, is often taken for granted, more focused on the here and now rather than the future (doesn’t see the “big picture”), doesn’t like changing rules, serious, usually not assertive or expressive of own feelings and ideas, bottles up feelings, quiet, and shy (may come off as standoffish).

A fictional character that is an ISFJ: Melanie Hamilton from Gone With the Wind (apparently). And this typifies why I never am quite comfortable with my personality. I always wanted to be Scarlett. Yes, I know she’s pretty much an amoral character, but she is strong willed, doesn’t let people walk over her, does what needs to be done to survive, and gets what she wants. That is what I always wanted to be like; but it’s true, I am more like Melanie. The quiet one who stands by her family and friends, even when they aren’t always good to her. The one who isn’t appreciated until she’s dying. (I am not suggesting this happens to me--that is just Melanie's storyline...just to avoid confusion) Mother Teresa is also an ISFJ personality, so, that’s good company. But in the “real world” I’m not sure the ISFJ personality is going to be the one who takes anything by storm—and I guess that’s okay.

Random other facts I found:
*In national sample, among 3 types with lowest income. (I’m guessing working for a non-profit fits in this category. And while I’m not motivated by money, people are judged on how much they make. It’s just the facts.)
* Second most frequent type among education majors. (Check)
*One of 4 types in college reporting the lowest level of assertiveness. (Check)
*Among substance abusers, are attracted to heroin. (I have no personal experience on this one and I will just take their word for it.)
*They say 6% of the population is ISFJ’s. There are 4 at the Heritage Center (out of 13 people).

**But, this has made me realize that instead of being someone I’m not, I just need to be the better part of the ISFJ personality type.


Liz said...

Jenette, you are the yin to my work yang. I wouldn't change a thing, baby.

Kellie said...

Scarlett is much more dramatic and gets a lot of attention, but I think you're better off as Melanie. I think she'll fare better on judgement day at least.

I am totally intrigued now to find out what my personality is... Is the test available online. I'm always into a little self-evaluation.