Saturday, January 19, 2008


“Television won't last because people will soon get tired of staring at a plywood box every night.”
--Darryl Zanuck, movie producer, 20th Century Fox, 1946.**

HA! If only that statement had turned out to be true…Where would America be right now? TV really does sound silly, put like that. After all, what is our television but a black box full of unrealistic people and expectations that do not mirror real life in any way? But, television has not died. We love it. After all we do live in the society where life is about being entertained and having fun. Life is all about the gadgets and the technology. If it is packaged in the right way with the right colors and the right people tell you it’s “cool”, well, people can sell you anything—whether you need it or not. Even with the writer’s strike, we can see that it is going to take more than that event to kill television. And even if TV dies, it will live on in the internet. And if that disappeared, you can be sure something else would rise to takes its place. I really had hoped (and still hope) that the strike would kill television. But I see that it doesn’t matter what kind of shows they put on TV, people will continue to watch. It doesn’t matter that producers don’t have anything interesting to put on the air. It doesn’t matter how stupid these shows are, they are made just to have something on. And someone is watching them. American Gladiators? (Apparently this used to be on in the past? I missed it as I didn’t have a TV until I was about 13) Stupid game show after stupid game show? A reality show about mother/daughter beauty contestants? Are they serious? I want the madness to stop! Just give the poor writers their money, and move on with things. The greed of the producers is astounding to me.

Unfortunately, I am one of the countless numbers who, like it or not, watches TV and thus am contributing to the problem. I love LOST, for example. It’s true. I can hardly wait for the little part of the season there will be this year. I want the writers to come back only because I want an entire season of LOST. Lame, but true. So, in a small way, I guess I am part of the problem. Although, I can honestly say, I will never tune in to American Gladiators or anything like that (I saw a preview for this as I watched the Steelers game…that’s how I know about it. Why am I explaining myself anyway?) Hopefully, the rest of America doesn’t either. I think it would be great if everyone takes up a new hobby over the writer’s strike. I am in search of my new hobby as we speak. January is National Hobby Month after all. It may not be a brand new hobby…I may resurrect an old hobby that I have let die (like writing a story, for example). Anything I choose will be much more entertaining than what is currently on TV, I am certain of it.

**(Found at Yes, I’m used to providing sources. Sources are important. There are 86 other bad predictions about the future to be found there.


Amber said...

Thanks to Comcast yet again, our cable box doesn't work and we are waiting to get a new one. But I must say, my house is cleaner than it usually is and the kids have found much more productive things to do than watch Playhouse Disney every morning (which I am fully willing to admit is my fault since I let them). I have noticed a lot more creativity and activity from all of us since this happened. Imagine that. We play red light green light, dance to fun Wiggles songs off of You Yube (still tv, I know, but at least we dance instead of sit), and so on. So though I too wouldn't mind an end to the strike, I do have to say, it's probably better for our bodies and minds.

Jinx said...

You really should give American Gladiator's a chance, it's awesome!! lol.