Thursday, January 3, 2008

Four To Go

Okay, so my first application is done!! Only four more to go**. Now, here is my vital bit of information. Don't procrastinate. Somehow I have managed to procrastinate every major thing in my life, so you would think I would learn. But, no--I haven't. My first application is due on the 10th. Yes, it looks like I will get it there on time. But what if the mail gets snowed in somewhere? Or there is some other bizarre or freak thing that happens? In that case, I will be doomed. Maybe then I would learn. Filling out my first application was kind of unnerving. I got nervous to think that my life could be drastically different in 2008. And I have to admit, I got pretty sad about the possibility of leaving Logan. This is home. I know everything I need to know about where to go for everything, how to get around, weather, etc. My family is close. I have good friends. I love the mountains. In the end, though, it is time. It is time to have a different experience, different challenges, different people to meet. Of course, I am getting ahead of myself. I first need to get accepted. Now, I am acutely aware of all the amazing people that will be applying with me, so I will just be astounded (truthfully) if anyone lets me go to their school. Oh, and it costs approximately one million dollars to apply to grad school. From the GRE, to transcripts, to the application costs some money. I will be ticked if I don't get in anywhere for the fact alone that I could have bought a lot of cute shoes with that money.

**The five schools I am applying to are these (in no particular order, mind you): The Cooperstown Graduate Program, University of Kansas, University of Washington, University of Colorado-Boulder, George Washington University.

[I do have a backup plan if I don't get in. Don't worry. But we'll cross that bridge if it comes to that.]

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Tams Family said...

Glad to hear that I'm not the only one still working on the procrastination issue! Good luck with all of your apps. My guess is you will get accepted at several places!