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[If you have never seen, nor care about LOST, skip this post. Not only is it a lot of rambling about nothing, but if you haven’t seen it and want to, you should just watch it and enjoy it first without all the crazy theories. Also, please don't judge me based on my need to put into words my theories about a TV show. Lame, I know, but I watched X-Files as a teenager. I blame it all on that.]

LOST finally returns! I can hardly wait. Since I had a dream about LOST last night, I guess I need to put in writing what I think will happen. There’s no way I will be right, but why not give it a go, right? This is the kind of show you have to think about on this kind of level. (No one should ever give the Office this kind of thought, for example) Okay, so maybe only obsessive type personalities such as myself do, but I think it’s fun!

So, something drastic happens on that island in the time between the “rescue” (doubtful it is a completely rosy rescue judging from Charlie’s message and ominous foreboding) and when we see Jack and Kate in the future. Future Jack is one messed up guy and only a huge mistake on his part would send him into that kind of state. (And how is his dad alive?!) I think Locke is going to eventually take over as protector of the island, even recruiting people to come to the island (That part was in my dream, so I have to include it). So obviously they leave people on the island. But who? And why? I think some are going to choose to stay. But I think Kate seems cold with Jack in the flash forward because somehow he got her to get off the island (because he loves her), but Sawyer stays behind, possibly to be the leader of those who stay.

I don’t think Sawyer is going to last much longer though. It seems like people die when they come to some sort of “peace” or resolve that issue that has been plaguing them forever. Sawyer has killed the original Sawyer and found Kate, so I think it’s only a matter of time before he goes. And speaking of death…who is in the coffin?! This has been driving me crazy! I think it’s Ben. I thought it could be Locke, but I now actually think he stays on the island. I think even Sawyer would have some people there—whether he would like to admit it or not (that woman he conned and who is having his baby, for example).

I don’t know why the island is the way it is, and I can’t even guess on this aspect. I just take the supernatural elements at face Desmond's flashes. I don't know how they happen, I just know they do. Anyway, the island is a special place, but whether it has always been that way or people made it that way, I’m not sure. It just has a creepy way of bringing things up that have troubled the people on the island. I really think the island is a place where these people have come to face their most private struggles and overcome them. Charlie, Locke, Sawyer, Kate, Jack, Hurley…they all face their challenges on the island and the ones who have overcome them, seem to be moving on to the next step, which may be death or getting off the island in some other way. I have no idea what this Jacob thing is all about, but I do know Ben is an impostor kind of person—and bad (there is no way the Others are the “good” people like they claim) and that is why Locke will eventually be the one in charge of the island (although Locke might be the biggest mystery of all).

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And then, Season 3 brought the saddest moment on TV for me—Charlie’s death. It was heroic and only Charlie could have done it, but he is my favorite character. He’s just kind of a normal type of guy (if normal means you are in a rock band and addicted to heroin) who has struggles just like everyone. He just makes the best where he is and does what he can for people he loves. I don’t think he will come back or anything, except in some weird flashback/flash forward type of scenario on the island. So now Sayid moves up as my favorite character. This guy is awesome. Out of everyone on the island he is the one I would want on my side. He is smart and level headed (in a very calculating way), and seriously, who can kill a guy while tied up?

And since this is quickly becoming my longest post ever (which is truly sad because I’m talking about a TV show), one last thought: The island is actually the remains of the lost city of Atlantis and Jacob is the last survivor of Atlantis. I base this solely on the statue that only has four toes. It is very indicative of something that could have been in Atlantis. This is wild speculation, but the statue does seem to mean there was an ancient type of civilization. Maybe that is when the island became so strange.

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Christina said...

Hi Jenette. Found your blog through Kellie's. I hope you don't mind me reading it. I love LOST. Can't wait for Thursday! I like your insight about how people die when they come to peace. I, too was sad about Charlie. Why did they have to kill the hobbit? I agree that it was Ben in the coffin. So many twists and turns. Another good series: Prison Break. We got season 1 for Christmas and just started on season 2. Very well written.