Monday, January 14, 2008

Give 'Em An Inch

Boy do I love the media. Anyone gives them an inch, and they run with it until there is absolutely nowhere else to go. Space does not even have enough room for what the media would take if they could get it. Call it the media tipping point or whatever you would like. The media begins to cover an issue so much, and suddenly it is everywhere. Like “going green.” Although it may have been a fringe topic of a few years ago, today if you’re not going green you might as well move to Timbuktu. For example, look at a new Dodge truck coming out for next year-hybrid possibility. Since when did farmers/ranchers get all caught up in this cause? I’m guessing most didn’t until the media started constantly talking about it. [I’m not saying this media thing is always a bad thing, by the way, as this example illustrates]. Media coverage in politics has always been out of control. Small incidents here and there become exploded into a national debate. Staged or not, Hilary’s “breakdown”* and comments about Dr. King are suddenly the main concerns taking center stage. These topics are seen as the rise or fall of a candidate. Topics such as the economy, the war in Iraq, and health care are then pushed into being the temporary sideshow. Small things are important, but I still want to hear what they have to say about the issues. One of these people is going to be our President after all (poor soul). Sports media coverage does the same thing. Two words: Tony Romo. Romo was practically inducted into the Hall of Fame after only what, two years in the NFL, as everyone thought the Cowboys would be the ones to face off against the Patriots in the Super Bowl. But then along came Jessica Simpson and the media jumped all over that story. Chances are, even those who don't like sports heard about this one. So, it was inevitable. A Cowboy loss would mean Romo’s "dating" would be blamed (although it would surely take a team effort). And sure enough…the media has delivered. But seriously, how much did I love seeing the Cowboys crumble? Words cannot describe. Romo’s meltdown was beautiful.

*To the media: If Hilary getting choked up is a breakdown, then I’m a complete emotional train wreck.


Tams Family said...

I think you have a great point. And talk about breakdowns - did you see T.O. in the news conference after the game? He was right that it wasn't Romo's fault. It takes a team effort. Or lack thereof I guess. It's hard being in the spotlight.

Jenette said...

Oh, don't even get me started on that joker. He's sticking up for him now, but I'll bet he throws Romo under the bus sooner or later just like he does with all his other teammates/coaches. What a prima donna.

Kellie said...

Love the media! So do you think Hillary's "meltdown" made her seem more real to New Hampshire voters and swung them to all vote for her? It is scary to me that the clips the media chooses to run over and over and over again could make a significant impact in one election. Are there people who vote based on if someone cries in public? I guess we all vote based on our overall feeling about a candidate, and if they choke up a little, that will probably influence our perception. And if they choke up once, but you see them choking up ten times because it was re-run on the news os many times, maybe they will really start to seem soft. I don't know, but if the media has that much influence, we really are in big trouble!