Tuesday, January 8, 2008

O Christmas Tree

Yes, I know. Christmas is over. However, tonight was the night I decided to take my Christmas tree to the nearest Christmas tree recycling drop off. I do my part to save the planet whenever I can. I am sure that after much thought I could have come up with an acquaintance of mine who may have a truck. But wouldn’t it just be easier to drag Esmeralda (that’s the tree) a block and a half to the drop off site? Yeah, it was easier that way. And hilarious. Big, beautiful snowflakes fell on my nose and dusted my coat and hat as I grabbed a branch and began hauling Esmeralda off down the road as she made a nice tree branch trail in all of the freshly fallen snow. I was giggling for the first part of my trip—the part where I have to cross 200 W. and 1000 N. Now this isn’t the busiest intersection in town, but it is kind of busy around 6:00 in the evening. So there I was, dragging a poor Christmas tree across the intersection. All I really could do was giggle, as if it was completely normal to drag your Christmas tree anywhere. We made it safe and sound. Now you may be wondering how I got the tree to my house in the first place. Well, a live tree fits okay in my trunk with the help of a small bungee cord and doesn’t make a mess of needles because, well, it’s still alive. But a tree that has dried, dead needles just makes a mess when you go to pull it out. Once again—it was just easier to drag it down the road. I loved my Christmas tree, though. From picking it out, to brining it home and decorating it, enjoying the pine tree smell and napping in the glow of the colored lights…it was a holiday highlight to be sure. But, Esmeralda’s time has come and gone I’m afraid, and there is a sad emptiness in our living room where she used to stand.

Esmeralda on her way to the drop off site.

Esmeralda at home!


Amber said...

Well my tree is still up and all I have to do is fold the branches upward and put it in the basement until next year. Nothing like your hilarious adventure, which, might I add, was very well described. I could just see the whole thing playing out as I read it, thanks for the great details. My favorite was the giggling, so fun.

Lisa said...

I giggled at just the picture in my head of you dragging your tree down the road. I'm easily amused! And I'm jealous you had snow!

Anonymous said...

Well done! I am impressed with your efforts and if I had been there I would have been giggling with you!